Nigeria has failed simply because it was ill-conceived from its very start.


Nigeria has failed simply because it was ill-conceived from its very start, the Amalgamation of 1914. The founders of “One Nigeria”, at Independence, wisely opted to administer the sovereign new Nigerian nation through a federal constitution based on semi-autonomous regional governments. Nigeria, despite its many drawbacks, managed to work like a charm during the 1st Republic. But then the Army struck, swept away constitutional federalism and in its place, imposed a centralized command governance for the entire country; this is still the model that persists till date. This centralized national administrative mantra has, over the decades, spurned societal antipathy and widespread corruption which have since eaten deep into every fabric of the Nigerian society. And the Nigerian house is collapsing inexorably as emblemized by insecurity of lives and property compounded by the shrinking purchasing power for the citizenry. It is time for we the people to exercise the right to self-protection inspired through self-determination.

With the ongoing inexorable collapse of the economic prop, which is the only pillar sustaining the country’s national cohesion and identity, the next few years might, in fact, be the end of times for Nigeria as a unified sovereign nation state. As the benefit of Nigerian citizenship continues to decline precipitously for millions, the diverse interest groups that constitute today’s Nigeria shall increasingly believe that they can fare a whole lot better in seeking self-willed alternative routes to assure their own self-redemption and survival since the big illusory national tent is collapsing and no one appears to have the will or capacity to stop and reverse the trend. Some have recently invested a lot of the hope in electing Buhari and a new ruling party believing that the change which the duo have promised shall soon come to rescue Nigeria even at the edge of the precipice. Finally, the chicken are coming home to roost. It is easy now to perceive a sense of disillusionment across all the socioeconomic strata of Nigeria as the promise of change has turned into a mirage with each passing day.


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