Islamic State in Egypt says this man will be executed next.


Islamic State affiliate  released a video Wednesday showing a kidnapped Croatian national being held in Egypt. ISIS is threatening to kill him a :if Egyptian authorities does not release “Muslim women” being held in prison within the next 24 hours. The video was released and circulated on the internet by ISIS sympathizers. The man is seen on the video kneeling down next to an ISIS Black flag often shown by ISIS next to execution victims.

“Reading calmly from a note in English, the man identifies himself as Tomislav Salopek, a married, 30-year-old father of two, adding that Islamic State fighters captured him on July 22. If Egyptian authorities do not act, he said, “the soldiers from Wilayet Sina will kill me.” According to the source, the term “Wilayet Sina, is the Arabic phrase for the Egyptian group calling itself the Sinai Province of the Islamic State”.

ISIS cells have been been active in North Africa, including Libya. Recently the Boko Haram terrorists in Northern Nigeria pledged allegiance to ISIS. Boko Haram has murdered over 12,000 Nigerians, and are fighting to create an Islamic Caliphate in Northeast Nigeria.


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