White people Personify God in their own Image to form the many statues that dawned the many crosses in Christianity..and Allah Symbolically be present in a Black stone in the Corner of a Cube-shaped building in Mecca on the part The Muslims….God is the light of the Life and the intellect of all who Breathe and Think…NEVER MIND THE RELIGIOUS BIGOTS..Well we all came out of triple darkness…

You have a darkness as you call it within the Earth Atmosphere with the Sun on the other side of the planet…that darkness will be a shadow state..then when you get out of the Earth’s Atmosphere for some reasons, though there are many Suns and many see the Suns and Stars as port holes of light in some black mass called space. Thats another degree of darkness..but inside each mass of space there is a solar system and in every solar system there is a wrap. That wrap is referred to as black hole…The Black Hole in space is a required object whose mass is so intensely concentrated that normal properties of space in its viccinity are Altered drastically and even light cannot escape the gravitational attraction within a certain distance from the center…inside the black hole leads to another dimension, and its called darkness so we had darkness travel into dimension, then you get into the Universe, where there are many planets and many forms of Life, not just the get into Earth’s Atmosphere…
(1) Troposphere)
(2) Stratosphere)
(3) Mesosphere)
(4) Thermosphere)
(5) Exosphere)
(6) Heterosphere)
(7) Homosphere) Which consists of Gases as well as Water Vapor, Solid and Liquid Particles , Meaning , you traveled into one side of the Black Hole into this side of the Solar System , and then transported into the planet Earth…you cant find Heaven becasue you are looking for Heaven within the Sky….Heaven is connected to MAN’s conscious and Subconcious Mind…acording to your Christian Bible go to 2 Samuel 22:12 ,Psalm 18:11 Sky means Firmament Cloud, Small Dust, or Heaven….you are looking for Heaven in the Universe where I am….which means there are still other side of the Sun..what you are calling Heaven is really on the other side of the Sun with another Black Hole where another Universe exists..

When you let Novice interpret the Bible for you then you become even worst…Mathew 14:24, 31, 44_47 and John 14:2-3 says In my Fathers House there are many Mansions means that my former Universe there are more than just this House (Planet Earth) and Solar System and (Milky Way) there are many other Mansions and many other Beings who lives that is exactly the story of a Super Soul…where are here just to evolve….Life is experience for the Soul not the Body..


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