As the funeral procession for the defunct House of Lugard elongates, we welcome the new crier, Junaid Mohammed into the Procession.

This shinning example of the excellence of mediocrity has tried everything in the trick book to divert attention from the very sophisticated exit route mapped out by the Lower Niger (Greater Biafra if you like) as they waltz their way out of the failed experiment of Harcourt and Lugard the World calls Nigeria.

First is to draw the attention of the mediocre town crier of the Caliphate North that their long standing partner-in-crime, the Renegade Wing of The Southwest has been overruled at home by a younger generation of the Yoruba imbued with the departed spirits of Adekunle Fajuyi and Adeniran Ogunsanya and who charged at their conniving elders under the banner of Coalition of Yoruba Self-determination Organizations,. They are in full support of the Self-determination Agitations in the East which has been reported as Biafra Protests.
This is happening amidst the Quit Notice already served by the Yoruba upon the Fulani militiamen marauding as herdsmen, along with their cows, from Yorubaland.

Junaid Mohammed is also reminded that the Caliphate North’s very loyal servants from the land of Yakubu Gowon and Theophylus Danjuma which now operate under the banner of Middle Belt, have abandoned the sinking boat of retrogression which Junaid’s Sharia Belt represents. The World saw it at the watershed 2014 National Conference where the burial ceremonies of Nigeria was finalized.

The willing tools of Ahmadu Bello’s Dream have bolted into freedom, away from a wicked husband, the Fulani.

The Niger-Delta or so-called South South which Junaid Mohammed, in a fit of anger over unruly behavior, recently boasted was a creation of the North, had since returned to the warm embrace of their Igbo kith and kin within the emergent Lower Niger Federation, post-Nigeria. The vicious marauding by which you heartlessly gored the political scion of your long-standing ally, Goodluck Jonathan, out of the Abuja Coven in the 2015 electoral round, was the last straw, after you devoured Isaac Boro and Kenule Saro-Wiwa both of whom rendered you invaluable services against your much hated Igbo. When your blood-filled eyes were trained on Jonathan, the Igbo showed you that blood was thicker than water. Go ask Asari Dokubo to show you his Map of Biafra so that you can wake up from your self-delusion of trying to spin off Biafra as an exclusive Igbo affair.

If you were taught any geography at all, I will advise that you sit down with El-Rufai and the rest in your jaded think-tank, to make out the map depicted by the aforementioned shifts in paradigm!.

You will see the Oodua Country marching off happily from the Mistake of 1914. You will see the Middle Belt Country standing by themselves, unencumbered, for the first time in over 150 years by the torment of the overbearing master, your Fulani ilk.

Towards the Bight of Biafra on the Atlantic Waterfront, you will see the Lower Niger Federation which you may wish to call the Greater Biafra.

Do I need to remind you that when in year 2000, the 12 predominantly Muslim Northern States simultaneously imposed Sharia to the shock and consternation of the rest of the Country, that you by that step, opted out of Nigeria. It was a Constitutional Secession which your loyal servant, the head-slave that now pretends to be farming in Otta, found a way to downplay and help you nurture until the enforcement Army named Boko Haram got ready to eject the rest of us from your space since we didn’t seem to understand that there was no Country binding us anymore.

Your shallow attempt to isolate the Igbo in the Biafra Enterprise, as was done in 1967, is dead on arrival. You little god, your creation, the Niger-Delta and the South South is no longer in your service or should we say, servitude. You may invest some more of the stolen oil monies in Ankio Briggs and her co-travellers like Inko Tariah, but sorry, their is a wiser and more courageous majority who know that their future does not lie in the past you offer them. The errors of Dappa Biriye in aligning with your Fulani fathers have been corrected.

The most significant revelation from the map I asked you to construct is that there is no Nigeria left, to which the Igbo will seek to return post-disamalgamation!

If you doubt my assertion here, consult the title by Google search, NIGERIA UNITY : IN THE BALANCE so you read a 108-page Report done 2013, in which the United States Army War College in Pennsylvania brilliantly traced the reasons for the collapse of Nigeria and went ahead to advise the United States Government at page 50, to get ready to deal with the successor-States that are already emerging from the defunct Nigeria. If you go back to the map I asked you to make, you will see a sharp congruence between the new Countries silhouetted by that Report with the broken map you have.

As Richard Branson reminded the whole world recently, Nigeria had 48 years to restore equity but instead chose wickedness.

Junaid Mohammed and the Caliphate Promoters of Sharia are completely within their Right to Self-determination in the matter of Sharia, but exclusively in their homeland as represented by those 12 contiguous States running from Sokoto to Borno and not the whole of Nigeria as Buhari was reported to have suggested in the past.

It is a clash of mutually exclusive civilizations in which the faith of one requires him to kill the other who, failing to believe, is an infidel. Unless anyone finds a formula by which the the Sharia Belt is persuaded or compelled to abandon Sharia for democracy and Constitutionalism or another by which the rest of Nigeria is persuaded or compelled to embrace Sharia and abandon democracy and Constitutionalism, it could be said that Nigeria finally came to grief because of a clash of civilizations imposed on the already failed Union by the Sharia belt. That civilization that rejects Western Education and holds life, dispensable and not sacrosanct has been rejected, isolated and quarantined by the other civilization which embrace Western Education and holds life sacrosanct.

Cry, Junaid, cry to your heart’s content. If you run out tears, there is an Association of Funeral Criers in Kumasi who I will be glad to recommend, so you can pay their new fees and procure all the tears you may consider adequate to mourn your Nigeria. As for Eastern Nigeria, for the same reasons Grand Durbars were held in Zungeru and Sokoto in 1914 when the Amalgamation Proclamation was being mourned in Lagos, for that same reason a massive celebration is underway in Eastern Nigeria as the proprietors of the defunct Nigeria like Junaid Mohammed mourn the demise of their Nigeria.

Tony Nnadi


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