The illusion or self-deceit of thinking and believing that corruption is Nigeria’s number one enemy


A cause-effect analysis of the list of evils outlined by Prof. Nwabueze immediately puts many of them on the downstream chain of effects, with Corruption and Religious bigotry standing tall on the upstream side.

But, by far, worse than both Corruption and the Christian-Moslem divide is the very deeply Feudal reality and mindset of the Conservative North, as against the predominantly egalitarian and mostly Republican South, especially it’s Eastern half; a clash of civilizations which completely renders impossible any possibility of a common vision.

This was aggravated by the British-imposed Nigeria’s political structure at inception in which the North was installed the permanent husband of the South and so, owns and controls the assets of the wife ominously described by Lord Harcourt, Lugard’s boss in 1913, as the “Southern Lady of means”.
Celebrating this grand bequest by the British to the North, the Premier of Northern Nigeria, in the week of Independence in 1960, declared to his lieutenants that “THE NEW NATION CALLED SHOULD BE AN ESTATE OF OUR GREAT-GRANDFATHER, UTHMAN DAN FODIO. WE MUST RUTHLESSLY PREVENT A CHANGE OF POWER. WE USE THE MINORITIES AS WILLING TOOLS AND THE SOUTH AS A CONQUERED TERRITORY. NEVER ALLOW THEM TO RULE OVER US AND NEVER ALLOW THEM HAVE CONTROL OVER THEIR FUTURE”. – Parrot Newspapers, 12th October, 1960.

This Mission Statement and Battle Script, reinforced the Feudal, born-to-rule mindset which will encourage Lawal Kaita to declare in 2010 that the North will make the country ungovernable if Jonathan or anyone from the South became President, since according to him, it would amount to stealing the birthright of the North.

The deadly alchemy of blue-blood feudalism mixed with a kill-the-infidel-sharia (religious intolerance cum bigotry), is the real leviathan beneath Nigeria’s multi-faceted, multi-layered maladies.

When the Sultan of Sokoto is already the Supreme Head of the Islamic faith in this private estate we all call Nigeria, it is everybody’s guess what the fate of all-men-are-born-equal serfs from the South who are also infidels, a.k.a. non-Moslems.

It took violence and deceit to put Nigeria together. It takes brute force and falsehood to keep it going everyday!

What we all erroneously call corruption is incidentally, the only actual legitimate business of the

stakeholders and proprietors of the enterprise, Nigeria.

The British didn’t come five thousand miles to show us a better way to live. They came on a plundering mission which was the sole object of the enterprise they codenamed Nigeria. They found on ground another group of roving plunderers and went into an alliance with them to combine forces and to share the proceeds of their heinous crimes by some formulae. The ownership of Shell, Mobil, Chevron, Elf, and Agip have their roots and live in this illicit joint-venture of two well established plunderers.

By the foregoing, the self-evident truth is that in Nigeria, Corruption is official. This is a far bigger problem than officials being corrupt. This is where the entire shenanigans of “war against corruption” becomes a huge diversion and distraction from the terminally ill Nigeria.

Centrifugal forces are already looking beyond Nigeria. The Self-determination Initiative of the Lower Niger, slated for Q1-2017 is building up at a time the Yoruba have also woken from their mass hypnosis to proclaim their preference to exit the failed Harcourt-sanctioned Lugardian failed marriage called Nigeria.

To all intents and purposes, Nigeria has, like a failed marriage, broken down, irretrievably. It is now in the irreversible process of breaking up. The choice before all stakeholders is to dismantle it peacefully or watch it dismantle itself violently.

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