The Lower Niger Congress (LNC) has started to undergo a needed metamorphosis as it begins to push ahead with its agenda, in real time, within Nigeria. The emboldened decision to schedule the Lower Niger Referendum in 1stquarter of 2017 has instantly brought the LNC and its core agenda for self-determination to the center stage of Nigeria’s political discourse. It has thus become a necessity for the LNC to also elevate its international profile in a fashion that matches the anticipated impact of its agenda on Nigeria’s political scene in the coming years and decades. This evolving phenomenon informs the thought behind the case for bringing the mission and core agenda of the LNC into the consciousness of mainstream America. LNC-USA is proposed to be a face of the Lower Niger Congress in the home turf of the world’s lone military superpower as well as the economic, political and cultural leader of the Western industrialized World. The United Nations, whose 2007 Declaration on Rights of Indigenous Peoples has been the anchor for the LNC’s self-determination project, is based in New York City, USA. Having a functional arm close-up to the UN shall go a long way to enhance the evolving alliance which the LNC desires to build with this very important world body going forward. Many top-notch media outlets with global reach and influence, such as CNN, Voice of America and Public Radio International (PRI), are all US-based. Major news media outlets of many other countries also have robust presence in America’s leading political, economic and military power bases like Washington DC, New York, Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago, Atlanta etc.

LNC-USA, as is being contemplated, shall start initially as the tentacle with which the parent body shall extend its reach in order to better mobilize and harness the enormous manpower and material resources that abound within the US Diaspora population of indigenes of the Lower Niger. America is possibly the biggest reservoir of highly skilled, educated and economically buoyant elite corps of Lower Niger indigenes in the world today. The LNC has already sunk its taproot within its primary area of interest in Nigeria. The next most important strategic move now for the LNC is to extend its root system into well-known resource pools from where the parent body can draw the essential nutrients required to accelerate its growth and of course, to guarantee its continued viability and global relevance as it begins to frontally challenge the custodians of power in Nigeria in the coming months and years.

Perhaps, the most important reason for LNC-USA is to provide for a reliable alternate outlet for assuring that the voice of strong advocacy for self-determination for indigenous peoples of the Lower Niger can never be silenced by the Caliphate order which has retaken control at helm of affairs in Abuja. Also important for the LNC is the utility of having a legal platform, recognized by US laws, for mobilizing funds and other resources from mainstream America for the pursuit of its core agenda in Nigeria.

The LNC leadership, through its National Secretariat, has therefore authorized that LNC-USA be created immediately consistent with the US laws guiding the creation and operation of such entities. There is a rapidly enlarging number of people who wish to get actively involved in the pursuit and speedy actualization of the LNC self-determination agenda for the indigenous peoples of the Lower Niger, especially within the US Diaspora. The sooner we can set up the legal operational platform for harnessing the potential inputs from these folks, the better it shall be for all concerned in this struggle.

The Executive Summary of proposed LNC-USA shall be articulated, in the near future, to further elucidate its modus operandi and expected deliverables.

Okenwa R. Nwosu, M.D.



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