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The indigenous peoples of the Lower Niger, which encompasses the Biafran territory, are not interested to wait for eternity in order to assert their right to self-determination if the turnout into the streets of Port Harcourt today is anything to go by. This time around, the youths’ angst was triggered by the reported arrest of the Radio Biafra proprietor and broadcaster, Nnamdi Kanu, who was nabbed by security agents at the Lagos Airport recently as he arrived from a London flight. Despite the willingness of Abuja to grant bail to Mr. Kanu, the irate youths still took to the streets today to vent their fury against the unacceptable status quo. Their demand is simple; self-determination now, not in many years later! Large spontaneous protest marches have reportedly also erupted in streets of many Lower Niger cities, such as in Akwa Ibom, Calabar, Yenagoa, Benin, Aba, Onitsha, Enugu etc, according to real-time feeds from Facebook and other online media.

Are these folks making the Lower Niger Referendum scheduled for 1st Quarter of 2017 no longer necessary? AS shown in these photos, the folks at ground zero have already cast their own votes with their very own feet. The Referendum is, however, still necessary in order to properly document the true wish of the grassroots in the language and format that the global audience, particularly the United Nations, would readily understand. Some have lectured us in these media and elsewhere that the dateline of 2017 may indeed be too short an interval from now to fully prepare for a credible hitch-free Referendum. Well, these pundits should take their megaphones to address the crowds displayed in these photos and to ask them whether 2017 is to soon or simply too damn long?

The change that we seek MUST come as shown by the impatience of our teeming youths. What remains uncertain is whether the anticipated redemption shall come peacefully or through endless bloodletting. The indigenous peoples of the Lower Niger have already shed enough blood in the past 50 years and additional spillage of innocent blood, at this juncture, is an overkill. That’s the logic behind the conduct of a Referendum as scheduled in order to ascertain the people’s wish peacefully before things really get ugly.

If you haven’t already, become part of the steamrolling bandwagon today by standing firm behind our right to self-determination and the use of a grassroots-based Referendum to ascertain the true wishes of the indigenous peoples in a peaceful and orderly fashion.


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