See how the crackers remove the earths from its original place.


Our current model of the Earth and cosmos is only 500 years old. Before that, for thousands of years, Earth was a flat unmoving disc enclosed in a dome and viewed as the center of the universe. Astrology was a flat Earth science particularly in mundane or locality astrology.

Then around 1500 AD came the telescope and Copernicus and scientific astronomy and slowly but surely our view of the cosmos began to change. No longer were we the center of God’s universe but one of many planets upon planets in an endless universe. The schism between astrology and astronomy became final around 1650 AD and that’s when the concept of a spherical Earth globe circling around a spherical Sun firmly began to take took hold.

This split became even stronger around 1900 with the introduction of bigger and better telescopes and reached its climax during the so-called space race of the late 1950’s and 60’s. No self-respecting astronomer would have anything to do with astrology or the flat Earth now -at least not publicly.

The general masses, on the other hand, were not so quick to dismiss this oldest of the sciences. Astrology always enjoyed popularity amongst most people as it still does today, but the academics are still generally hostile to it and wil not teach it in the schools -a great travesty if you ask me. The elite, of course, believe and use it more than the populace but will not admit it publicly.

Does astrology work on the Flat Earth model? Of course. Not only does it work, but it works BETTER! Remember that the ancients who practiced astrology worked with the geocentric and/or Flat Earth perspective. Even when the globe concept took over it did not change the way they made their calculations. What did change was their perspective or understanding of the heavenly bodies: namely that the Sun and Moon and planets and stars were no longer close by revolving above the Earth, but hundreds of thousands and millions of miles away, orbiting the Sun.Their sizes changed as well, from tens of miles to thousands and hundreds of thousands of miles in diameter. The stars, rather than some 400 miles up, were now billions and trillions of miles or “light years” away.

What modern astronomy has basically done is to distance us mentally from the heavens with its absurd distances, and has removed all of the rich and personal symbolism by divorcing itself from astrology. Astrology, on the other hand, breathes life into the Sun, Moon, and stars, whose natures and patterns we are infused with at birth. Probably the best thing astronomy has done for astrology is to unravel its larger range of influence by discovering the outermost planets of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

The planets or bodies of our system, however, are far from being so distant or even large. They may in fact be part of the Earth itself! They may not even be globes or solid in nature but simply planes and lights. That’s why they are called PLANEts!

Has astronomy deceived us all of these years? What if the Earth and universe we live in is not at all what the astromers tell us it is. What if the ancient cosmologies were right all along and we live on a FLAT plane Earth with a dome, and with the Sun, Moon, planets, and stars all within it? This is what the ancients believed for thousands of years until about 1500 AD when scientific astronomy began to take over.

Flat Earthers believe the Earth plane is a disc roughly 25,000 miles in diameter and 8000 miles thick(at the center) with a dome some 400 miles high. Orbiting within the dome above the Earth are the Sun, Moon, and planets. The stars appear to be part of the dome, or if on the outside, then the dome acts a lens to make them visible. Both the Sun and Moon are light discs only 32 miles in diameter and vary in motion between the Tropics producing night and day and the seasons. Another theory is that the heavenly bodies are simply projections coming out of the North pole opening from our planet’s Inner Sun inside its hollow.

Does the Flat Earth theory contradict the Hollow Earth theory? Not really. The northern hemisphere may actually be a bulge or slope and the underside of the flat Earth may actually have a bulge as well so that a hollow concave inner space or world is still possible. This could make the Earth look something like a saucer space ship. Astrologically, the Earth may actually be a giant saucer-shaped birth chart!

What does change in a Flat Earth is the extent to which it spreads out, particularly in the “southern” hemisphere which is far larger than our current maps show. When spread out across a flat 52,800 mile circumference, Africa, South America, and Australia are HUGE compared the more northerly continents. Greenland is much smaller than currently depicted. The longitudes and latitudes we use today still point to the same areas except in a more reduced(at the North)and expanded or “stretched” and flat fashion(at the South).

Antarctica gets stretched all around the the outer edge of the flat Earth acting as a barrier or border. The ice walls are some 150 feet high and look imposing and inpenetrable. How far they stretch or what lies beyond is still a mystery. There is an alternative flat Earth idea that there may not even be a dome and that the Earth plane stretches out infinitely. If this is true, it would mean that our North Pole is truly the center of this universe and that we are truly special beings.

Another idea is that the Creation is one vast ice-covered plane with innumerable dome worlds like ours strewn across it. The domes act like greenhouses making possible the kaleidoscope of life.

The flat Earth concept is making a surprising revival in 2015, spearheaded by the likes of Eric Dubay, Math Boylan, and Mark Sargent, and it’s growing exponentially all the time. Whether this is planned or spontaneous is unknown but it will have a serious impact on our view of the world we live in. Is it possible to have been duped all this time by the “globe-alists”.

It is interesting to note that the Flat Earth idea got revived as Saturn entered Sagittarius. Saturn here attempts to define space or geography through religious or spiritual ideology. There is a danger here that we will go back to a very unscientific perspective. Perhaps the truth lies somewhere inbetween religion and science and the Earth is actually neither spherical nor flat but oblate, or may have elements of both. This will accomodate all sides including Hollow Earthers. Time and disclosure will tell.

a depiction of the ancient Flat Earth model


the Orlando Ferguson Flat Earth model(1893) showing bulge or slope


Astrology and the Flat Earth model with reference to the Inner Earth




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