If things have degenerated to the point where miserable charlatans and buffoons like Joe Igbokwe and Monday Ubani now speak for the Igbo, then the end of malfeasance is truly in sight because such surely heralds a free for all in which water will find its level.
Though the distance of Lagos from the theatre of commotion in the East offers its own false bottom to the the melee, I’m sure that Joe Igbokwe will not dare to go to his native Nnewi today to proclaim the heresy he and his warped Conscience co-travellers spewed out in Lagos.
As for Monday Ubani the lawyer, it is a pity that any University graded him through for a degree in Law since Jurisprudence, which is a compulsory pre-requisite for such is simply missing from his grasp of the issues of the group’s pontifications. Except for the general mediocrity that has taken charge of the entire Nigeria landscape like a scourge, there can be no other way of situating the failure of “lawyer” Ubani to realize that what is being raised by the protesters are grave constitutional issues which had plunged Nigeria into War in the past, paralyzed it’s development in all ramifications and set it firmly on a path perdition which seems to have put it in the failed-state gear.
OPC and MEND had raised similar issues in the past. Boko Haram is still raising theirs. The failure to comprehensively address same leads only to the ARABA Highway.
The desperate attempt to misrepresent a simple quest for Self-determination as “secession” and a call for war, again portrays an embarrassing illiteracy on the part of the Igbokwe/Ubani emergency seared Conscience band on the subject of the Eastern protestations since the 2007 United Nations instruments under which the protesters seek to assert their right to Self-determination via Referendum is there for all to enlighten themselves.
The jaded reference to property that Igbo may loose is simply evidence of thinking with the intestines.
As Richard Branson reminded the whole world recently, Nigeria had 48 years to restore equity but instead chose wickedness.
That generation that Lamido Sanusi Lamido spoke about in a1999 lecture is here raising fundamental existential questions which the failed generations of Igbokwe and Ubani had no courage to raise.
Let all stakeholders deploy their energies to campaigning in the forthcoming Referendum on Self-determination for the Lower Niger already slated for Q1-2017 rather than engaging in idiotic scare-mongering.


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