Sa­lof dragged a USA based companies, General Electric To High Court, For N110.25 billion as damages for breach of contract.


A group of Nige­rian under the umbrella of Sa­lof Industries Nigeria Limited, has dragged a USA based companies, General Electric (GE) Oil and Gas, USA and Salof Companies, USA, to Ig­bosere High Court, La­gos, claiming N110.25 billion as damages for breach of contract.

In a suit number: LD/5113/14 filed by Chief Mike Ozekhome (SAN) on behalf of the claimants, operating as indigenous Nigerian company, they averred that on September 29, 2007, they entered into an agreement with the US based firm as ‘’sole agent’’ to source for con­tracts from the state and Federal governments and oil companies in the country, as well as to remain its ‘’technical partner’’ in the manufac­turing of LNG and LPG plants and other refrig­erator system.

In another agreement, which the Nigerians said they had further entered into with the US based company, they averred that the defendant agreed to pay them a commis­sion of 20 percent in all orders that originate from Nigeria, Ghana and Uganda.

They added by a letter dated October 5, 2010, the US based company further undertook to pay them a 5 percent com­mission on orders the company receives from other companies in Ni­geria, Ghana and Uganda that did not directly ema­nated from them (claim­ants), and further con­firmed in the said letter that it would pay them 20 percent commission for all orders received from them.

The Nigerians: Dr. Christopher Chidi; Hon. E. J Agbonayinma, and Mr. Oghenekaro Jockey, said they enjoyed a good contractual relationship with the US based com­pany, as all parties ad­hered strictly to the terms of the contract agreement after the signing of same, until May 6, 2013, when they received an email message from the defen­dant unilaterally termi­nating all the contracts.

The Nigerians further averred that before the US based company can­celled the contract, and based on the contractual agreement, they had em­barked on the design of a turnkey project with the support of the defen­dant, in partnership with UDDIPCO for Chevron Nigerian Limited, which had reached an advance stage before the agree­ment was truncated.

The Nigerians added that the action of the de­fendant had painted them in very bad light in the oil industries and the entire business community in Nigeria and abroad, while also losing good will of their customers.

Consequently, the Nige­rians have asked the court to declare that the agree­ment they entered into with the US based company is still valid and subsisting, and that the defendant are duty bound to honour and give effect to the agree­ment.

Alternatively, they have asked the court to order the US based company, General Electric (GE) Oil and Gas, US, to pay them the sum of N100 billion as ‘’general damages’’, an­other N10 billion as ‘’gen­eral and exemplary damag­es’’ for breach of contract and the sum of N25 million only as cost of their suit.

The case has been fixed for February 24, 2016 for the hearing.


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