Philippines’ Security Harassed, NIMASA-NSDP Students Over Rejection Of Food


12TH (URHOBOTODAY)-Nigeria NIMASA-NSDP students undergoing training in Philipines are having a hard time with the Philipine’s security. Report reaching Urhobotoday an online medium revealed that the Nigerian students are being harassed, intimidated and caged in their various hostel for refusing to eat food provided by the contractor supplying food to them.
The students complained that they refused to accept the food because it is poorly prepared and injurious to their health hence some of them were already having stomach and visiting the clinic regularly as a result of consumption of the contaminated food.
According to one of the students studying Bsc Marine Engineering who do not want his name on print, “We are living in a dormitory here in Philippines where food is being supplied by a Nigerian contractor precise a Yoruba man name Mr Lawrence Adelekun, the CEO of Sharence Group of company here in the Philippines This man has been delivering food to us since my first year, (am in final year now) in the likes of egusi soup and eba, and some other substantial Nigerian recipes. Haven’t tired of eating same kinds of food, we made adjustments of which everyone has his own choice of what he likes. We got tired as well since the meal was becoming irritating. It got to point, nobody was eaten the meals again. Food. began to waste. Trash cans for dirts was converted to food trash cans….our Philippines security started eating Nigerian meals.
“We got tired and frustrated, wondering if NIMASA was not paying for the meals. At some points, the Coordinator of the Nigerian Seafarers Development Programme (NSDP) Hon Irene Macfoy, told us that they are paying a very huge amount for our feedings compare to others school who are not privileged to eat the Nigerian meals Summarily, we wrote a complain letter to the school management’s to help monetized the food instead of wasting it yet they collect feeding money from NIMASA.

“We wrote a letter to the management asking Mr Lawrence to stop supplying us food even if NIMASA comes for the invoice. Yet they keep bringing food, but non of us has been eating it as of July 31st, 2015. And because we have not been eating it, we were intimidated by the Philippine armed forces with arms. They held us hostage for less than 24hrs. They beat and stroke a student with the police batten which led to his admission in the hospital. All this and lots more were forwarded to our sponsors NIMASA. Yet no word from them.“Now this morning, they woke us up with the same forces with gunshots and sticks just because we decided not to eat the food. They refused to show us details of the amount paid for the food, but estimately, each person maybe up to 25000 pesos….monthly, that is 100,000 naira. Meanwhile our monthly pocket stipends is just 25000 naira. Which we have been feeding with. Yes, we don’t want the food, and the school should keep the money untill NIMASA comes.That is the problem with the authority. Their point right now is that we must eat, and they must bring the food. You know how it is in Nigeria, forcing one to eat what he don’t want is suspicious. Also, our allowance was 250 dollar, while we all in various schools, complained for inadequacy, NIMASA reduced it abruptly first to 100 dollar.


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