On referendum we stand-By Suleiman Mohammed Sani Of ACF.

Many northern Nigerians who identified themselves as Arewa, such as Suleiman Mohammed Sani are beginning to speak out, saying that they would like a new country which consists of 19 Northern States to be called ‘United States Of Arewa Republic’. READ Suleiman’s statement below:
“One already existing agitation will bring about our existence without rancour, ours is already a cool, calm and articulated agenda. We had existed before the advent of the colonial masters, even without the real structures of Western influences and education, and no doubt we could exist better now.” Suleiman Mohammed Sani wrote.
“We don’t start a fight, but we fight to finish if need be and often we conquer.
“Whatever others think and feel, we could still do better because we’re blessed with comparative advantages they don’t have. Making the most of our advantages should give us edges against all odds.
“Long live Biafra! We from the North have seen a vision! I believe it’s time we bring up the broken pieces together, this way I believe we could achieve greatness. We shall take advantage of what others don’t have.
“May God grant us this great opportunity? On referendum we stand, so help us God.” – Suleiman Sani concluded.
Meanwhile, the Youth Congress of Arewa Consultative Forum holds an Economic and Security Summit, titled “2015 Activating Prosperity through Inclusive Security and Economic Empowerment”. The summit was held at Kaduna, Nigeria, and on 11 – 12 December, 2015.
By Suleiman Mohammed Sani

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