No One Is Comin To Save You..


The western Christian missionaries wrote about 400 years ago that : We can go into Africa and pick them off one by one because they are not united. One group cares nothing about the other, so we can take one group as our slaves and take the other group’s land. We will have little problem.

These types of writings are found at the phd level education at western Universities. It is not taught to children nor in high school, nor at the undergraduate level of a college degree but only at the phd level!!! This is how slavery began, and how colonialism began!!! This is what they will do again. they watch not only Russia, but every thing you do and say. they are just like the vultures waiting on the ground or flying up in the air closely watching. They seek out over the whole world any and all countries who’s people are weak and divided. They take one side and help pit them against the other. When you have mineral resources worth $ trillions of dollars over ten years, they wait to get control of it. When you make one mistake in your decisions, like any other animal in the wild, they pounce on your government and then you will be doing as our grandfathers were doing and that is, doing what the western grandfather said do!!! He who refuses to remember the past WILL REPEAT THE PAST WITHOUT EVEN KNOWING THAT THEY HAVE DONE IT UNTIL IT IS TOO DAMN LATE!!!!!!!!!!

These are the western notes about Africa being taught to young whites working on their phd degrees on international affairs. They are watching and playing their games!!! Divide yourselves and you will most definitely lose. They will come in with their serious weapons of war and tell the world that they must save the people in Africa from themselves and their decisions which led to the problems. Then they will pace these powerful forces around the mineral resources and lock off the borders so that no weapons can come to you from others who care for you. They will fly five miles above you and dropped their bombs where no rock from you can reach, no bullet from you can reach… In the night they will use their glasses which will enable them to see you in the night, see you behind the wall…

The only way you really have is thru unity and knowledge just like they have so that you can see like it is day time in the night, see through the walls like nothing is there. This is taught in physics and astrophysics. Then you can make or invent such things. Any thing less will cause us to lose big time… Unity, Unity, Unity!!!! Or Else the western consequences!!!…..


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