My objective is to > expose the fact that Nigeria, so far, has been a house of injustice.By Ozodiobi


My goal is very modest. I plan to devote two hours every other evening to reading and or writing about Nigeria. My objective is to expose the fact that Nigeria, so far, has been a house of injustice.
We have a country where people do not get jobs on the basis of merit, where people in the north are given jobs even though they are less qualified than folks from the south who apply for such jobs.

As if this injustice is not bad enough, the stark illiterate called Mohammmadu Buhari now tells us that he could only find qualified and uncorrupt people in the North.

Each year Imo, Abia and Anambra states graduate more kids from Universities than Hausas do, but now we are told that qualified persons to work for Buhari are only found in Hausa land!

Who exactly are the corrupt Nigerians? Are they not from the Northern rulers of Nigeria? Who are those who give their people jobs that they are not qualified for and ignore qualified southerners?

I recall Ahmadu Bello’s statement of making sure that people from the south are prevented from obtaining jobs in the North and that he would rather hire white people and or Asians than southerners. These are statements made by those who call themselves Nigerians and people give them a pass and allow them to behave like they have no brains in their heads. If Nigeria is ruled by human beings, by now, there would be
universal free education for all Nigerians, at all levels: kindergarten, elementary, secondary, university and vocational technical colleges ( I tend to believe that only a third of the population are capable of doing university work; the other two thirds ought to be tracked to technical schools, as Germany does).

We need all Nigerians given access to education if we are to catch up with the West, and we must catch up with the West and could do it in less than three decades if we had patriots ruling us. (So far, Buhari has been running his idiot mouth talking about what he is going to do but has done nothing; at the end of four years in office he probably would have done nothing, and the a same old, same old do nothing leadership of Nigeria continues.)
We need our leaders to develop the country’s infrastructure, such as build roads all over Nigeria, build airports all over Nigeria, and build bridges all over Nigeria. Instead of doing the right thing, 45 years after the end of the civil war Nigeria has not rebuilt the Onitsha Bridge, a critical bridge that links the East and West.

Instead of doing such simple right things, folks like Ayo  Ojutalayo make excuses for the rulers of Nigeria and justify their not doing anything that benefits the East. What industry has the Nigerian government sited in the East, if I may ask? This neglect qualifies for abuse (Ayo had, in his childish way, asked why I think that Igbos are abused; abuse could be physical, emotional, sexual, verbal, psychological or simply neglecting people).
Ola, what I see in Nigeria is a country that operates as if no adult human beings are ruling it. Many white folks go to Nigeria and return and shake their heads in despair and wonder if Nigerians are
able to govern their selves?

Nigerians come to the West and enjoy the amenities found in it cities; we like their hospitals and education, so why don’t we replicate those in our country?

What the hell prevents Nigerians from doing so? Why not pass laws and enforce them so as to create an enabling environment where people can come and invest their money to build factories.
Consider that the minimum wage of Nigeria is less than five dollars a day. With that dirt cheap labor cost Western factories ought to be rushing to relocate their manufacturing to Nigeria, as they did in China in the 1980s when Chinese labor was very cheap. But, instead of doing these simple things Nigerians go on their merry ways thinking that development would fall to them from the skies.

Have you ever driven on Nigerian highways? Are there rest stops? See, I was married to a white woman and she travelled in Nigeria and could not stop anywhere to use a restroom. She was expected to use the
bush to ease herself, as Nigerians do. Is this how you plan to attract tourists or don’t we need the income from tourism, is our income to come only from that goddamned oil that nature gave to us for free; can’t we do anything by ourselves to generate revenue?

Nigeria is a place where no one seems to be ruling it. If that is the case it is now time someone talked about it. In the next six months I will write three to five page essays every other evening talking about what is wrong with Nigeria. I know that my pieces are read all over the world so I will reach a large audience.
My goal is to paint Nigeria as a primitive country and shame its rulers into doing the right thing for their people instead of hiding under the aegis that no one dare call them what they are, apes.

White liberals are afraid to say that Africans cannot get anything right lest they are called racist, white conservatives simply ignore Africans with the understanding that they cannot do anything right.

We can do things right if we choose to do so. My extracurricular job now is to get under Nigerians skins with my in your face type of writing so that they know that someone is watching them and they start doing things well.

I intend to show that the pen is mightier than the sword by using my pen to describe Nigeria as a chaotic, anarchic place where no one seems to be in charge. Consider that garbage piles up on the streets of Aba, Onitsha etc. Do folks who went through secondary school need any one to tell them that those refuse spreads germs and that those germs contribute to the life span of Nigerians being only 53?
And by the way, where are the city councils of those cities? Are
cities not supposed to have city councils and city governments? Is it difficult to figure out what city governments do, such as take care of sewage, water, electricity, roads and so on. What the hell stops our
cities from having appropriate city departments with professional workers performing the usual city functions? Ah, we have to pay for city services.

What does it take to realize how city functions are paid for all over the world? In the USA local governments fund their activities from several revenue streams, such as funds they receive from state general funds (the part of state taxes shared by all), sales taxes,property taxes, licenses and so on.

Why can’t our cities tax their people, houses etc. and use the money to take care of their city businesses?

Why wait for Abuja to give them the money to do what they are supposed to do. Talking about Abuja, why the hell does Abuja give state monies to Governors? Can’t someone figure out that that leads to

I have been the director of some American local government agencies and know a thing or two about government finances. Here, federal and or state monies go to the department of treasury/ finance.
The state treasurer disburses it and his books must be open so that any citizen can check to see where his money went (as budgeted).
Why give governors money to spend as they see fit? Haven’t Nigerians heard of what is called generally accepted accounting principles in documenting public revenue and expenditure?

Do we always have to run to the West to enjoy what the white man built but cannot build our own country? Our so-called big men run around in Western built cars and planes; fifty five years after
independence couldn’t we have been able to manufacture those cars and planes?
How long did it take China, South Korea, Taiwan and the other
Asian Tigers to start doing these things?

Listen, if I was a Nigerian leader I would be ashamed to run around in foreign made cars but instead would do so in Nigerian made cars, and planes etc.

Well, my goal is to not look away any more, as I did in the past, and now state the truth as I see it, and may God help me. I have the capacity to ignore social criticism and do what I feel is right. When after long absence from Igbos I came into serious contact with them and they screwed me I trained my sight on them and
observed all that is wrong with them. Igbos are my people but I did not hesitate in saying what I did not like in them. They were flabbergasted that an Igbo could be that critical about his people and wondered if I am really Igbo. Oh yes, I am Igbo, the best of Igbos since I am actually the current high priest of Amadioha. Many Igbos seeking ways to stop me said nasty things about me; some even called me osu whereas the real osus worked for my kindred, Umuamadioha…osus worked for high priests, thus freeing them from doing farm work so that they did their priestly jobs for the people (if I were to be in our village, right now, all the folks who have children would be obligated to bring such things as rams, chicken, dogs, yes even cows to seek my blessing).

The point is that I ignored them and kept at saying the truth, as I see it. That ugly chore is now over; I have

performed my priestly function for them (my pile of writing on Igbos probably would fit into five books).

Now, I direct the same ire at Nigeria and say the truth about Nigeria as I see it. I could care less what Nigerians say about me.
I have not gained a penny from Nigeria. I left Nigeria from secondary school and have not received a penny from Nigeria. I owe Nigeria nothing but the truth.

My long term goal is to finally get Nigerians to restructure the country; we all know what needs to be done. The colonial masters lumped disparate people together; these people cannot get along with each other.

The solution is very simple. Restructure Nigeria. Make each large ethnic group a state and have a group of smaller ones parked into states (Obafemi Awolowo, that sagacious statesman made the same observation). If this is done we would have no more than twenty states in Nigeria. Each state would essentially govern itself and the federal government would coordinate their economic, military and foreign affairs but not directly tell them how to do things.

This is the only solution that would allow people to develop at their pace. For example, if you let Igbos be themselves they would do amazing scientific and technological things in a short period of time. See, when the civil war ended, members of my kindred did not have a penny in the world! In five years there were over ten of us in the USA. Right now there are over forty of us here. We are found in the best universities in the world. My own sister works at CDC with a PhD in one of the physical sciences from Johns Hopkins University.

As for me, you decide if you have ever come in contact with such a renaissance man as me in your life; have you seen a chap who can put on different hats and talk about different disciplines? I doubt that there is a psychologist in the world who can compete with me. I also doubt that I am second to any one in political science and business administration. Ah, physics, I simply love it; I keep up with the latest discoveries in it Simply started, Igbos are a competitive people; they should be allowed to be who we are. If Hausas like to be beggars, almajiris then they should be left to be so. For Christ’s sake, let people be their true selves!


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