When on the 27th of April, 2015 the SOLEMN ASSEMBLY OF THE PEOPLES OF THE LOWER NIGER in Port Harcourt, unanimously Resolved to go to a Referendum on Self-determination, it was precisely because they knew that a vast majority of the masses of the Lower Niger, had truly come to the end of their endurance in the failed Lugardian construct we all call “Nigeria”.
Based upon that Mandate, much work had been undertaken and the First Quarter of 2017 has been earmarked for Voting in that Referendum. Subject to necessary adjustments which may be ratified by Plebiscites, an 1885 map of the Lower Niger was at that Solemn Assembly, adopted by the Delegates as the Geographical cum Territorial basis of the proposed Federation of the Lower Niger, post-Nigeria.
Since then, that Proposal had been interrogated and endorsed by an avalanche of thoughleaders of the Territory including the World Igbo Congress at its 2015 Convention, held September in Detroit, Michigan USA, and an eSummit of the topmost elite of the Territory, October 2015.
Whatever anyone may think, it is clear that the masses of the Territory have moved on from the British-imposed nightmare that had operated in the Territory as “Nigeria” since 1914, leaving behind, a completely decoupled political leadership, represented by the likes of Rochas Okorocha who are so beholden to their Nigeria that they didn’t notice when the ship left the Harbour.
It is an undisputed fact of history that Nigeria was not our Project at inception in 1914. All efforts to make it our Project, especially since after ABURI in January, 1967 had been frustrated by the born-to-rule Caliphate and their One-Nigeria-by-all-means collaborators, on behalf of whom Rochas obviously spoke when he declared that the Peoples of the Lower Niger prefer to remain in Nigeria. Unfortunately for that shrinking, greed-driven club who have lost touch with the people they claim to lead, it is too late now to keep the Union of Nigeria as one political entity. The Lugard contraption has remained “the mistake of 1914” as proclaimed by Ahmadu Bello and has not evolved beyond “a mere geographical expression” as observed by Obafemi Awolowo, many decades on. If anything, it has degenerated into a toxic monster, feeding on the blood of the entrapped peoples locked into the fatal experiment of Harcourt and Lugard.
The Yoruba have woken up from their mass-hypnosis in the aftermath of Falae ‘s humiliation and kidnap, right on Yoruba soil, by so-called “Fulani herdsmen”, to proclaim their resolve to exit the failed Nigeria Union. The Middle Belt who are now being killed house to house by the same “Fulani militiamen” from Plateau to Benue to Taraba, Southern Kaduna and elsewhere, now seek a permanent exit from a wicked husband as we all saw in the 2014 National Conference which outcome the new Abuja Fulani helmsmen already trashed.
From overseas, the whole world seemed bewildered by the very loud indictment from Richard Branson when he posted the Biafra genocide pictures and stories, which he blamed on his home country and the West, querying why 48 years after, the World pretends that nothing happened!
From the United States, the 2013 Report by the US Army War College in Pennsylvania, titled “NIGERIA : UNITY IN THE BALANCE”, gives a most detailed account of why the Union of Nigeria failed and at page 50, advised the US Government to get ready to work with the successor-States from a splintered Nigeria. The map depicted by that Report as the formations of exit from Nigeria strikingly resembles the MNN broken map issued since the June 30th, 2011 MNN Lagos Declaration at which Delegates of Lower Niger, the Oodua and the Middle Belt, jointly presented their rejection of Unitary Nigeria on account of the Sharia officially imposed and enforced by the Governments of the 12 far Northern States of Nigeria since year 2000 with Boko Haram coming in later to charge out the rest of Nigeria from their space, amidst open support from notable Northern political figures.
Let no one be deceived, Nigeria broke down completely since 1967. The actions and inactions of those who should have fixed it have led to its break-up. The choice left to be made now is whether the break-up can be peacefully managed by Referendum or be allowed to violently unravel by itself as already manifesting in the commotion generated by the Yoruba quit notice to Fulani and the Radio Biafra episode.
The Lower Niger Congress is convinced that the United Nations instruments on Self-determination are sufficient to help drive the peaceful option. The alternative is the chaos that is already staring us all in the face.
Those who wish to partake in pursuing this peaceful option can visit www.lowernigerreferendum.de
and may wish to review the YouTube video titles THE SOLEMN ASSEMBLY OF THE PEOPLES OF THE LOWER NIGER IN PORT HARCOURT 27TH APRIL 2015, WHO OWNS PAPA’S LAND? BACK TO ABURI, ABUJA, ABURI OR ARABA. There are many others if you search with the name Lower Niger Congress.


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