LNC-USA is a District of Columbia-registered nonprofit corporation created by elements within the US Nigerian Diaspora population as the face of the Lower Niger Congress (LNC) in the United States, in particular and entire North America, in general. LNC is a social activist organization whose primary focus is to speedy facilitate the actualization of the unquenchable desire by the indigenous peoples of the Lower Niger to assert their inalienable right to determine their own fate, by themselves, in their own ancestral domain consistent with 2007 UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP). LNC-USA serves the interests of millions of indigenes of the Lower Niger who are domiciled in the North American Diaspora and also projects the positive image and agenda of the LNC to the whole world, particularly the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean.

Aims and Objectives

1.   Profess, articulate and project the principles of self-determination, as enunciated by UNDRIP, which is the raison d’être of the LNC.

2.   Provide the operational platform through which millions of indigenous peoples of the Lower Niger domiciled in the North American Diaspora can enlighten their kith and kin living inside Nigeria in the revival of authentic African cultural pride, democratic governance, social justice, respect for law and due process as well as in reinforcing their reliance on education and hard work as the veritable pathway to attaining economic prosperity and development.

3.   Act as the lead instrument for mobilizing material and diplomatic support for the LNC and all its operations throughout North America and the Caribbean basin.

The Lower Niger encompasses the Niger River delta and the contiguous landmass that straddles this big African inland waterway as it empties into the Atlantic Ocean. Containing the delta of a mighty river system, the Lower Niger is naturally blessed with rich and highly productive agricultural lands as well as an abundance of freshwater supply. The land space is populated by ethno-political and cultural groups which have co-habited same territory for millennia in relative peace, tolerance and mutual respect for each other. The Lower Niger also coincides with the epicenter of crude petroleum deposits whose exploitation, within the past 50 years, has propelled the Nigerian domestic economy to become Africa’s largest.

All its many rich natural endowments notwithstanding, the indigenous peoples of the Lower Niger comprise the most socioeconomically deprived and politically marginalized citizens of contemporary Nigeria. The territory lacks necessary economic infrastructural development, industrial manufacture, societal amenities etc despite the fact that the Lower Niger has been the goose which has laid the metaphorical golden eggs for Nigeria in the last half a century. Since conclusion of the 30-month Nigerian Civil War (1967-1970), Nigeria’s official policies have relegated the Lower Niger to an economic wasteland with near-total absence of maritime commerce beyond the export of crude petroleum products. Due to lack of adequate oversight, the multinational oil companies operating throughout the Lower Niger and associated coastal waters have despoiled and desecrated the indigenous peoples’ ancestral lands and living space through massive and widespread pollution of the

environment by daily oil spills and gas flaring. Agricultural and residential lands in the hinterland are devastated by the combined scourges of widespread deforestation and resultant top-soil and gully erosion. Gross environmental mismanagement and decay impede/retard the Lower Niger’s progress.

Prompt implementation of the aims and objectives of LNC-USA shall, hopefully, enable indigenous peoples of the Lower Niger to cope with and overcome their compounded existential problems, summarized above, through its enlightenment campaigns among the target population. Most important, manpower and material resources shall be identified, sought after and mobilized from indigenes of the Lower Niger in the American Diaspora and channeled toward mitigating the social, political, economic and environmental quandary which combine to retard the deserved advancement of the target population within Nigeria, in particular and elsewhere nationwide, in general.

Organizational & Administrative Structure

The Board of Directors has the supreme administrative oversight over LNC-USA. Secretary of LNC-USA shall handle all administrative matters on behalf of the Board of Directors. An Executive Director shall be appointed to administer and manage all aspects of the organization’s fields of interest as delineated by the Board of Directors. LNC-USA shall create directorates, at a later time, to focus on important aspects of the organization’s main agenda, like public relations, finance and events planning/execution. The Bylaws shall be used to delineate the above structure and roles in details.

Financing LNC-USA

As is the case with all startup endeavors, members of the founding Board of Directors must muster the initial investments in time, materiel and funds required to set the new entity into motion as designed. LNC-USA seeks to earn revenue through receipts of its members’ dues/contributions as well as grants and donations from individuals, groups and businesses which are expected to sponsor events and other activities organized by the organization. The Board of Directors shall, at a later time, deliberate upon the utility and desirability of making LNC-USA to become an US IRS tax-exempt corporation. Appropriate expert consultations shall be sought, on routine basis, for the purposes of fundraising and in sourcing sponsorship needed for executing diverse events and programs of the organization.


Membership of LNC-USA is open to all indigenous peoples of the Lower Niger domiciled in the North American Diaspora. Women and youth empowerment within the Diaspora shall be pursued through direct involvement of this important talent pool in leadership roles, particularly in crucial aspects of the organization’s agenda where they are best suited to be at the lead. The LNC-USA youths, having been born in the Diaspora, are bona fide North American citizens just like their counterparts from other immigrant communities across the continent. LNC-USA shall measure its success based upon how it has prepared the youths to take over current positive trends in the North American Lower Niger Diaspora community and take them to even greater heights.


North America contains possibly the biggest reservoir of highly skilled, educated and economically buoyant elite corps of Lower Niger indigenes in the world today. It is in the strategic interest of the parent LNC, therefore, to reach out for this crucial demographics in order to mobilize and harness the necessary manpower and material resources, especially the startup seed money, needed by the Lower Niger Movement to begin to pursue and accomplish its key agenda in the coming years and decades.

Let all hands be on deck now to build the LNC-USA as envisioned.


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