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Today we included another link on this site’s Resource list — to Pond Science Institute in La Junta, Colorado. The institute’s mission statement begins “The purpose of this work is to awaken the latent and creative genius of mankind.” How’s that for uplifting? Can’t accuse these people of being small-minded!

Dale Pond’s Herculean effort to collect paradigm-shifting scientific and historical data began in the mid 1970s. His efforts to correlate and explain the 19th century inventor John W. Keely’s “Sympathetic Vibratory Physics” began in 1984 and expanded to studying works of the late Walter Russell, Nikola Tesla, Viktor Schauberger and others relevant to the new energy science.

Dale distilled thousands of records from the literature. In my own storage boxes I may still have the set of Apple Hyper Card disks he filled with information later in the 80’s. In 1999 the SVP Forum formed in Yahoo eGroups. It attracted hundreds of people but eventually deteriorated into chit-chat, he found. Sound familiar? He discontinued that forum and took a break.

A new effort by Dale to find like-minded people began with the creation of a phpbb-based SVPForum. People apparently didn’t like its structured style, so it stalled but still is a repository of links and data, with many readers coming and going. A couple of years ago Dale started SVP Cosmology as yet another try at correlating the science and philosophies of  Keely, Russell and others. Its stand-alone and linked html pages worked, but the information became so voluminous and complicated that Dale had to find another way.

So he’s ended up with a wiki from open-sourced software. Wikis can accumulate vast amounts of data and link and reference it.  They also allow collaborative input/editing. Dale now has to import all the earlier information and his personal work/study files into the new programs that can do what would have seemed miraculous in the 1980s. For instance, web pages can be interactive, allow reader input, do math, animations, etc.

Bottom line: with 21st century capabilities, his web pages now “can be scripted to perform virtually any thing we can dream up. The correlation of the Keely, Russell, etc. information can now move forward to its ultimate unbounded possibilities


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