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Cosmids, Plasmids, and Fullerenes – Black Matter Melanin

find out about what scientists found floating through the air called cosmids,plasmids,fullerenes (bl ack matter/melanin) The air you breath contains melainin and also all the materials necassary to change the atomic span configuaration of the cells in your body.Maybe this is why theyre spraying chem trails in the air besides the fact that theyre trying to stop the heat and keep the earth from healing itself from its cancer (paleskins destroying the earths harmony/balance)

The You-niverse is Mind, Consciousness (another name for Melanin) is the source of all things. Everything is about movement and motion,energy cant be destroyed but only changes and transforms.Thought creates motion. Every time you think,you create an Atom.

Star systems (star and planets/nucleus and electron) cluster together at the end of a universe in order to form those atoms and compounds which constitute the new planet of the new Creation. Toward the end of a Universe, these star systems cluster together according to one of the seven cosmological laws.These atoms are what form the elements of our Periodic Table. (It also involves the roles of Melanin and Carbon (The Black substance, “Kam”
which is the base of “Kem”istry) and their role in the formation of new stars and star systems.

There are invisible intensive photons (melanin) of different intensities. 

In the core of the brain are found 12 BLACK nuclei, or melanated centers (12 zodiac as above so below)They are higher energies from your head fed by your nerves with photons. Nerves are fibre optic in nature.You’re brain is actually a star gate, the gates are the 12 cranial nerves of your brain, commonly called logic circuits, once you plug onto the 12 signs of the zodiac in meditation, the energy from the stars floods the body and brain. 
Your whole body will fill with light(photons) electromagnetism. The pineal gland in your brain is the light receptor of the body. 

Our pineal gland/3rd eye recieves this light/photon in meditation we submit ourselves to the law of electrical resistance. Which is OHM, which is OM, which ismeditation.In doing so,you activate the electrons in the Pineal and attract Photons(angels of light/information coming to the earth from above.)



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