IPOB Recorded A Huge Success In AWKAIBOM (PICTURES)


Massive Crowd turned out at Akwa Ibom to give their Support for Biafra Restoration.

Hundreds of people of all class both Elders, women, and youths turned out massively to lender their Voice and give their total support for Biafra Restoration. The event was organised by Akwa Cross IPOB Evangelical Movement.

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It was like a magic, at a time when most people from other parts of Nigeria have done all they could to Bring about division among Igbo people and their Brother tribes in Niger Delta. This event have proved the enemies of Biafra wrong.

The Government of the disdainful enclave called Nigeria said that Biafra agitators are mostly young men and for the Igbo only, but the pictures below proves otherwise.

The only person who can unite the Biafrans all over the world since after the civil war is no other than Nnamdi Kanu. He is a great Hero and through him and with the help of Chukwuokike (God) Biafra will be archived.W


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