Iceland welcomes syrian refugees.


Over the last several days, a big refugee crisis has spread all over Europe. Hundreds of thousands of Syrian people try to find their asylum in the developed countries though their new home doesn’t seem to be very welcoming and happy about the rising amount of immigrants.

On the other hand, Icelandic people have a more positive attitude toward the situation. The local authorities agreed to accept 50 humanitarian asylum seekers within the next 2 years. It might look like a little drop in an ocean but for every refugee this might mean a chance to have a calm and stable life.

Not only the government but also usual citizens are trying to give a hand tothose who are in need. Icelandic people assail the government with proposals of lodging, material support and general help for those who travel to theircountry, people are eager to persuade Iceland’s Welfare Minister Eygló Harðar to accept more refugees. Local activists created a Facebook page, gathering all the volunteers together. They also urge people to write personal messages to the Minister to push him to accept more Syrian refugees.

The reason of such a welcoming behavior lies not only in the Scandinavian mentality but also in the demographic situation of the Northern country. Iceland’s population is just 300,000 and for them Syrian refugees are human resources with their own unique experience and skills. Local people seerefugees from Syria as their future friends, soul mates, colleagues? and spouses.

The Facebook page “Syria Is Calling” got more than 12,000 subscribers just within 3 days. People offered everything they could, up from help with medical care and lodging to children’s toys, clothing, and basic food. Families offer their kid’s bedrooms and guest houses, their harvest, and reserves. Some are even ready to pay the airfare to Iceland.

The Syrian crisis is far from its end, and so any kind of help is priceless in this disturbing situation. There is a big chance that thousands of personal messages from Icelandic people will persuade the authorities to accept morerefugees from Syria, so for some of them Iceland will become a new home.


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