How Gowon, Buhari and Obasanjo Led A Senseless War: Call for trial of all civil war commanders – Lt. Shola Oremade (ex-Army chief)


Lt. Shola Oremade (rtd), who fought the 30-month old civil war against Biafra, in all the sectors, has called for the trial of some of the war commanders by the International Criminal Court (ICC) at The Hague, for leading a senseless war. In this interview, he said the current agitations in the Niger Delta and the South-East are motivated by the same situation that gave rise to the unfortunate war almost 50 years ago. He also warned President Muhammadu Buhari to be mindful of ex-president Olusegun Obasanjo. He spoke with MAGNUS EZE in Abuja Do you think the issues that gave rise to the civil war have been resolved? I still maintain that the Nigerian civil war was senseless and the main causes of the post-independence crises; nepotism, tribalism, corruption, name it, still exist today. And whatever threatens the right of any citizen to a secure and peaceful life must be combated by any responsible government. The measure of leadership is to see such threats and prevent them from coming to reality. To be candid with you, those of us who fought the war then did not even know what we were fighting for; they just ordered us to go, and we moved. The reason I said the war was senseless: You went to war and you saw a friend and you could not assist. What kind of a country is that? Even those of us that fought the civil war to keep our country together, we are totally disappointed to see what it has become today. With what is happening in the country today, that war was absolutely senseless. Many people know the truth but they don’t want to say it. Although truth hurts but I must say it; if we can’t contain ourselves; if we can’t maintain our social cohesion, if we can’t act within the rules; I am afraid Nigeria will end up in the jungle. I don’t know why all these things are not resolved, I wouldn’t say they have no idea of what to do or they just don’t want just to do anything. Some people are saying they are marginalised and nothing is being done. But I can assure you of one thing, if the present government under Muhammadu Buhari refuses to find solutions to these things then after some time I will make a statement about IPOB, the statement may seem somehow inciting but I will say it in the sense that I fought the civil war from July 1967 to January 1970; and I fought in all the sectors of the war, One Division, Two Division and Three Division and I saw the behaviours of some of the so called commanders. I don’t know why they were doing what they did then. I think some of the war commanders should be taken to war tribunal. Lt. Shola Oremade (Rtd) I have a lot to say about them and I am glad that many of them are still alive. Few of them believed they could make sense from the senseless and do things with impunity, but we have to tell them that there is law in this country. There is law guiding any war. They should be taken to war tribunal. Which of the incidents during the war touched you most? The one that bothered me most was that of over 800 Biafra soldiers handed over to Obasanjo; Gowon should ask him where they are? Brigadier Benjamin Adekunle is dead but Gen. Alabi Isama is alive; what happened to them? Take him away; get him down and all that. If they do that to Obasanjo’s children, what is going to be his reaction? And those who believe that we were not fighting enemy at that point in time were branded Biafra soldiers. There was even an allegation that Brigadier Adekunle was selling arms to Biafra soldiers and there was a Colonel; may his soul rest in perfect peace, Colonel Abubakar; an Hausa man, that refused to attack Owerri because he married from that city and he was not ready to damage his wife’s hometown. They removed him from 3rd Marine Commando. Some of the commanders are gone; they died, when you talk of Col. Isemede, Col. S.S. Tomoye, Mohammed Shua, Major Robert Obeya; those who believed that we were not fighting enemy although they gave Brigadier Adekunle bad name. They called him names, but they were not there. They said General Murtala Mohammed looted a bank. The bank was looted by a Yoruba officer and I can assure one thing, if they keep on calling General Murtala Mohammed’s name in that bank looting, then I will be forced to mention the name of the Yoruba man, he is alive and I don’t want to disgrace him, his children and grandchildren. The bank in Benin has got nothing to do with General Murtala Mohammed. Your worst civil war experience? In 1969 when David Jemibewon was my Bridgade Commander at Nnewi Sector, there was a heavy fight, I made mention of this to General IBM Haruna when I met him at IBB Club here in Abuja last year. There was a heavy fight and casualty and we ran away about 20 of us. Jemibewon got hold of us and tied us like animals, naked but we were putting on our trousers, he took.


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