Cancer Emergency In Nigeria


Odinala Cancer Rescue Foundation is promoting organic foods for cancer prevention.

According to our report, about 250, 000 Nigerians die of cancer yearly mostly women.
95 per cent of women who developed cancer in the developed society have chances of survival, but Nigeria have only five per cent survival rate and this is a wake up call for every Nigerian.

Odinala Cancer Rescue  is  using sports and media as a tool to mobilise and create awareness, adding that “cancer is a global epidemic but it is worse in Africa’’.  however,  the need for every hand to be on deck to remedy the poor statistics. “Health care facilities in Nigeria are poor and weak and there is no effective screening system in place. Odinala Cancer Rescue Foundation is reaching out for the low and poor people, and to improve awareness and as well disabuse the minds of people that beliefs that cancer is caused by witchcraft or their ancestors spirit. “We also bring people together to raise funds so as to help the poor and the ignorant women of Nigeria who are dying from cancer yearly. “Early screening of the breast and cervical for cancer will help to effectively detect and treat it,”  creating awareness on cancer would help beat the disease as well as save lives. According  to our medical experts, awareness is an important element to ensuring that everybody, both the rich and poor had the knowledge about cancer. “Nigeria must take the lead in Cancer prevention awareness in Africa, we must take up the challenge as a leader and through our Cancer Foundations, we can organize cancer events to educate on our people base on the danger. “We are glad that people are responding and more awareness is being created and the significance of the walk is that something can be done about cancer. “ Exercise is very important in order to help prevent it,’’ he said. we mate a cancer patients, Justin Chinenye Ekechukwu, which is in stage 4, which we dont know what will happen, but we pray he survive it..that why said that early detection is very important to saving lives and therefore stressed the need for people to have routine checks. Australian researchers said they have helped develop a new blood test for the early detection of eight common cancers, in a move that could diagnose tumors before they spread and increase patients’ chances of survival…also drinking vegetable juice help prevent cancer…


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