Brexit Example For World To Follow-Says Trump


WASHINGTON (Sputnik), Martin Sieff – Anti-EU campaigner Nigel Farage and the UK Brexit vote set an example for the United States and the world to follow in breaking free of multinational corporations and a world without borders, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump told a rally in Jackson in the US state of Mississippi.

“On June 23, the people of Britain voted to declare their independence from international government,” Trump said on Wednesday night. “They voted to break away from rule by large corporations and media executives who believe in a world without borders… The same thing is happening in America.” Trump welcomed at his rally Nigel Farage, former leader of the UK Independence Party who was one of the main campaigners for the Brexit vote. Farage said “anything is possible” for patriotic movements such as his and Trump’s. He acknowledged Trump was trailing in current US polls but predicted he would come from behind and win the US presidential election on November 8 to “smash the establishment.” Trump said the issues the United States faced were similar to the issues faced in Britain during their referendum on membership in the European Union. He called on the American working people to take control of their destiny.


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