BREAKING NEWS!!! Biafra : DSS Storms Uwazurike’s Home.

I received a telephone call from Ralph Uwazurike the leader of MASSOB just right now and he told me that Nigerian Police stormed his house. He was not around, so they arrested all those working for him or around his house.
I am not against the Nigerian Police doing their work but, storming someone’s house at the dead of the night is not way to go.
I asked him if there was an invitation by the police which he failed to honour and he said, no.
You may like Uwazurike and what he is doing with MASSOB you may hate him. But, let our personal stand not prevent us from seeing and speaking out when dictatorship is gradually bearing out its’ teeth.
Nigerian problem today is Boko Haram and we are yet to hear of a commando style invasion and arrest of the leaders recently.

It is on record that Uwazurike have never failed to honour any police invitation, so why this mid night forceful arrest.
I just hope and pray that he is not being subjected to this treatment because he is from Southern part of Nigeria?
If he in anyway offended the laws of the land the police should invite him through a civilized manner and drag him to court. Storming his house in this era of kidnapping is not a civilized way of doing things in a Democratic dispensation. What of if those on police uniform were hired killers or kidnappers?
I advise the Nigerian Police to please extend an official invitation to him so that it will be on record that he’s under their custody.


According to Peter Agba Kalu :


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