Boko Haram Kingpin Arrested With His Family While Trying To Escape


The Nigerian Army yesterday captured a notorious Boko Haram terrorist while he was trying to run away with his family.

He was captured by the army while he was trying to escape with his family between Pulka and Gwoza.

In a similar news,the Nigerian troops have recaptured the fishing town of Banki town in Borno state.A military source said recapturing the town from Boko Haram insurgents was important to the military, owing to the major economic and trading activities between Nigeria, Cameroon and Central African countries that take place in the town.The troops soldiers invades the popular Boko Haram Islamiyah school building and also destroyed 7 Boko Haram camps.The troops also successfully detonated 7 Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs).

Many Boko Haram insurgents were killed during the liberation of the town and  several others captured alive between Banki junction and Ngorosoye.
The recapture was made possible by the joint action of the Nigerian Air Force and the Cameroon Army.



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