Biafra The Kingdom Of God On Earth With Facts And Figures


In 1950, Thurstan Shaw, a British Archaeologist and Indian Scientists excavated Igboukwu, the bastion of ancient Igbo civilization,suprise suprise what he saw..they saw that the inscriptions of the Ancient Celestial City of the gods of Egypt and India was exactly the same of Igbo Ancestors which is located in the LAND OF THE RISEN SUN. you will be maveled to hear what they found as recorded evidence that Igboukwu was indeed a lost city of mythology…QUOTE FROM BRITISH AND INDIAN ARCHAELOGISTS Our comparative analysis of Igboukwu inscriptions with those of most ancient Middle Eastern languages easily revealed very close links, and undisputable proof of relatives, so Igboukwu is known as the mother of these other writing systems and  the creator of the lost civilization and the lost ancient cities in west Africa,egypt,middle east, indian.Our  ancestors always wrote in Rock Arts, and traditional symbols as means of expression, communication and informations…does that sounds familar to you?…There are inscriptions on the ancient monoliths, located in the forests and village-squares in Ikom local community in Cross River State.  anthropologists found similarities between the Ikom monoliths inscriptions and Sumerian Proto-Cuneiform,this are facts with evidence across internet google them and do your own research incase of any doubt, but also with Egyptian Hieroglyphics and Dravidian Malayalam (the black indians). What else do you need as a proof to believe that your ancestors are great Ndi Igbo? This Indian Scientist confirmed that there was an ancient city with world-wide influence that was situated in South-Eastern Nigeria.(IgboLand) They confirm that this city was constructed around 11,000 B.C. according to recent discoveries. The Igbo called this city “Bi-afra” in  Biafara kingdom founded by Eri….The Benin called it the Holy City of Uhe in Idu Kingdom, while the Yoruba called it Ife.remenber IFE means Brightness in IGBO language,  not this NEW ILE IFE OF TODAY,  All the mythologies under reference say that the city was constructed by a god called Eri (in Igbo), Idu (Igbo/Bini), Obatala (in Yoruba).before the separation of the ancient kingdom they were all in one accord.

Eri (Rama) was a king in Atlantis who was induced by filial rivalry to abandon his kingdom, and that he retreated into the deep forest and built there a city in the middle of the rainforest where annual harvest festivals were held to honour the ancestors. It was a city of international renown and the festival was attended by masters from around the world. we identified this Annual Harvest Festival as Ahiajoku the Igbo New Yam festival dedicated to honouring the ancestors…but this genegration of Ndi Igbo abandoned it…remenber there was a story of Eri (god) that fell from Heaven, if you remenber or google it..

Igbo Nri mythology confirming The Emerald Tablet maintains that the god Eri arrived in Igbo land in the time when the land was under water and swampy; that he arrived into Igbo land, then populated by cave men (autochthons) in a ship (the Ark), raised a plateau over the waters, and there began the Nri system of professional priesthood…He taught the natives agriculture, metal-working and basic technologies as well as commerce….This god, who was called Eri, conquered the people’s resistance through his mystical powers. In The Emerald Tablet Thoth (Eri)actually said that he used mystical powers to overcome the resistance of the natives and that he thereafter dwelt among them and inaugurated a civilization which gave the Khemites an edge over all other humans at the time.scientist confirmed that mythological Egypt was an off-shoot of Atlantis,and that cave-men were its original inhabitants…do your own research on must believe your own story not an inductrinated fake History to denigrate Igbo ancestry true Story.


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