7 year old boy burnt alive in Nigeria because he was hungry and stole a food..Where is Human Right Child Protection?


May God have mercy on this country. Stealing is never right, but is this the right punishment for a 7-year-old kid who attempted to steal garri from a trader?
At Badagry area of Lagos, today, the 16th of November, this little boy was beaten and burnt alive because he was starving. The police did absolutely nothing. People stood around, fathers and mothers, and watched this boy be torn to death and set ablaze. Couldn’t they have punished him in a more humane way? Or just let him go? Or even give him the useless garri and then let him go?
May his soul rest in the LORD’s bosom. He was just a kid


Look At How They Beat Up And Burnt This 7years Old Boy Alive In Badagary Lagos  Just Because He Attempted To Steal GARRI. Just GARRI! Oh God!

More photos below.


So sad


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